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Scarlet Fever Saddlebag gets romantic in Sardinia

Wherever I lay my Saddlebag…….

Firstly, I cannot recommend our accomodation at the Birkin enough! This beautifully renovated boutique townhouse in Castello (Italian for castle, you’ll see why!), is located in the old town in the capital Cagliari. It served as a fantastic base to fully experience the Bijou nightlife of Cagliari itself. The suites all come with their very own Romeo and Juliet balcony, providing just the right atmosphere to have an aperitif before heading out to dinner!


One of my favourite places to eat was recommended to us by the very helpful manager of the property. I always like to immerse myself in the culture of a place, and what better way than through food! Principi Di Dan is in the heart of vibrant Cagliari, offering traditional Italian and Sardinian food. Non veggies will love the meat and cheese antipasti on a huge wooden platter, order plenty of vino rosso from the comprehensive wine menu! Either eat outside in the square or in the traditional old vaulted ceilinged winery restaurant, both equally atmospheric.

Principi Di Dan

We took our Scarlet Fever Saddlebag to Sardinia as the embodiment of Italian culture, heritage and chic, the tan and red feeling distinctively so. Walking round Castello we found Scarlet Fever representing the essence of our Saddlebags Italian leather origins.

doors and bags

We’d like to offer our readers 10% off Scarlet Fever this month, whether a trip to Italy is in the making or not! Simply enter “sardinia” at the checkout!

bags and old town

We also found inspiration in the pastel hues of the painted houses and buildings. Sometimes the best colour combinations can appear to us in the most unusual of places. Visually I enjoyed the traditional old buildings given a contemporary feel through colour, which I play with in all aspects of my design work alot.

castello old town 1

Finally, we were on an island and a trip to the beach was definately in order! We visited a few but found the coastline near Chia the most pleasing with a beautifully calm stretch of sea and sand, and those quintessentially mediterranean rocks to climb on.

Best beach Chia

Ciao for now!



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Coral Crush in Sweden!

This is the first post from our new guest blogger Bryde Gordon, former maverick at Pedlars amongst many other things. Watch out for more postings from her as she scours the globe for beautiful things and images! She took her Coral Crush saddlebag to add a flash of colour to her days in glorious Sweden!

I have always loved Scandinavia and been lucky enough to visit Norway; when I had the offer of visiting Sweden I quickly jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately I only had a glimpse of Stockholm by night, next time I will stay longer and explore the city. My destination was the middle of Sweden about 40 minutes from the seaside port of Hudiksval to a small village called Glombo next to a lake. The landscape and beauty of Sweden was just stunning and reminded me of living in the States.

bryde2Ever wondered why a Swedish lake house is red? They are all mostly coated in Falu rödfärg meaning deep copper red which originated from a copper mining town called Falun; this method dates back to the 16th Century. I personally think they are just beautiful, cosy, and somewhere to escape the hectic city life for rejuvenation and total silence. Of course people are still living in them all year round however most young people are moving away to the cities.


When I think about Scandinavia the first thing that jumps to mind is Gravlax salmon, moose, Elsa Beskow stories with their beautiful illustrations and of course impeccable design. I did however get the opportunity to visit an outdoor wildlife zoo in a town called Jarvso and saw a Moose and Lynx cat!

Below is a photograph of a typical windowsill at a lake house. I just love the colours in this photo, the pink flowers with the striped curtains and cut glass decanters.


Thanks Bryde. She’ll be back soon from some gorgeous destination no doubt 😉


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Sloupe – Our First Stockist!


We are excited to introduce our very first stockist! Sloupe is a gorgeous lifestyle shop and hairdressers on the lovely Nightingale Lane in Clapham, London. It is the brainchild of super talented hairdressers Sarah Nelson and Daniela Grosch.

Sloupe3Upstairs there is a relaxing coffee shop, where they have beautifully displayed gifts and books for sale in lovely old crates etc. All the upholstery, furniture and cushions you see in this post are actually Sarah’s work which she also sells. The victorian bay window front is perfect to enjoy a cupcake and latte and watch the world go by.


They regularly change and curate beautiful original artwork and prints. These botanical images are by the very talented Jasmine Leonard, and Sloupe hosted her latest PV –

Sloupe4As well as gifts and books they have as you may well imagine only the best in hair care products stocked. The one I like the look of the most is Davines. You just have to see it, all lined up in its minimalist packaging it looks amazing! And their company ethos of commitment towards sustainability and ethically sourced ingredients is right up Saddlebag Tradings street!

Sloupe5Right, so now you have a feeling for upstairs, let me take you downstairs where Daniela is cutting one of her clients hair. Not only will you find the perfect gift for yourself or a friend, give your living room a makeover with individual stylish cushions and furniture, and feel spoiled after cake and coffee, at Sloupe you will also come away looking like a million dollars!

Sloupe 6And, lastly, I will HAVE to copy this great little idea for a shelf! Thanks Sarah and Daniela for your belief in the Saddlebag Trading brand xx


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Gods Own Neon Junkyard


Chris Bracey has been the Neon Man for 37 years creating iconic artpieces for David La Chapelle, Martin Creed etc, and formed a cult following in London and Los Angeles. Chris has made, installed and collected signs that have appeared behind some of the greatest stars. Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jack Nicholson in Batman are just a few that have appeared alongside the collection. When the film is rapped neons are discarded like yesterdays newspapers, unwanted, unloved. Chris has collected these neon and bulb icons and salvages old neons and architectural advertising from the streets before they disappear forever. Repaired and resurrected, coupled with quirky art and powered up to shine like jewels of light.

Gods Own JunkyardI was very sad to discover that unfortunately Gods Own Junkyard are being forced to leave their current premises by the council who want the land for development. When I went, scores of people were coming and going just to get a glimpse of this gem before it disappears.

Gods Own JunkyardDue to close and leave at the end of this week I highly recommend a visit to this treasure trove of bright lights and kitch slogans. For more information please visit the website –

Gods Own JunkyardFitting perfectly in with the heritage, fun feel and ethos of Saddlebag Trading Company we felt totally inspired to bring together these icons of pop culture.

Gods Own Junkyard

Gods own junk yard….where neon never dies.

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Neon Flash hits Ibiza

Saddlebag Trading have just returned from a fantastic break in Ibiza, where who should accompany us but the Uber on trend Neon Flash! With Ibiza’s party credentials and super cool fashion pack residents we knew this little bag would be the perfect accessory.

ibiza2Whether you’re heading to the beach in a cool kaftan, a hip beach bar to watch the sunset, out for tapas in Ibiza old town in a floaty maxi, or off to Pacha in high waisted cut offs and converse to dance into the early hours this bag is the perfect little number for all occasions.

ibiza4Favourite beaches include the stunning Cala Bassa with its fantastic restaurant, chill out music and massages from lovely therapists, really making you feel totally relaxed and glamourous.

ibiza6ibiza7We watched a magical sunset at Sun Sea Bar with some of the best margaritas and mojitos on the island, they also do an awesome paella too.

ibiza3The tapas at La Bodega in Ibizas gorgeous old town at the foot of the wall of the castle is the perfect place to watch the hip crowds pass by. Book early though as it gets busy quickly and tables outside are hard to come by.

ibiza5My last Ibizan gem is the restaurant garden terrace La Brasa. Hidden behind a beautiful old facade is this stunningly romantic hideaway dining experience, with views of the magnificent Unesco heritage castle all around.

hasta luego x

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Art and Colour Inspiration

I thought I would share with you one of our many colour inspiration sources. Coming from a screen print background I am a huge fan of Bridget Riley’s graphic geometric works (although her’s are mind bendingly painted by hand and eye). To see these in their full size is to get sucked into their mind blowing vortex of colour combinations/ratios. Art and fashion often go hand in hand, but what makes arts use of colour exciting is that it has no boundaries and is totally subjective. What fashion can take from this is endless.

Bridget RileyHe who wishes to become a master of color must see, feel, and experience each individual color in its endless combinations with all other colors. (Johannes Itten)

What we try and visualise here is how do different ratios of colour work with each other. Colour evokes many feeling and emotions, and putting together combinations of colour adds a depth of suprise for the audience.

Bridget Riley