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Coral Crush in Sweden!

This is the first post from our new guest blogger Bryde Gordon, former maverick at Pedlars amongst many other things. Watch out for more postings from her as she scours the globe for beautiful things and images! She took her Coral Crush saddlebag to add a flash of colour to her days in glorious Sweden!

I have always loved Scandinavia and been lucky enough to visit Norway; when I had the offer of visiting Sweden I quickly jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately I only had a glimpse of Stockholm by night, next time I will stay longer and explore the city. My destination was the middle of Sweden about 40 minutes from the seaside port of Hudiksval to a small village called Glombo next to a lake. The landscape and beauty of Sweden was just stunning and reminded me of living in the States.

bryde2Ever wondered why a Swedish lake house is red? They are all mostly coated in Falu rödfärg meaning deep copper red which originated from a copper mining town called Falun; this method dates back to the 16th Century. I personally think they are just beautiful, cosy, and somewhere to escape the hectic city life for rejuvenation and total silence. Of course people are still living in them all year round however most young people are moving away to the cities.


When I think about Scandinavia the first thing that jumps to mind is Gravlax salmon, moose, Elsa Beskow stories with their beautiful illustrations and of course impeccable design. I did however get the opportunity to visit an outdoor wildlife zoo in a town called Jarvso and saw a Moose and Lynx cat!

Below is a photograph of a typical windowsill at a lake house. I just love the colours in this photo, the pink flowers with the striped curtains and cut glass decanters.


Thanks Bryde. She’ll be back soon from some gorgeous destination no doubt 😉