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Sloupe – Our First Stockist!


We are excited to introduce our very first stockist! Sloupe is a gorgeous lifestyle shop and hairdressers on the lovely Nightingale Lane in Clapham, London. It is the brainchild of super talented hairdressers Sarah Nelson and Daniela Grosch.

Sloupe3Upstairs there is a relaxing coffee shop, where they have beautifully displayed gifts and books for sale in lovely old crates etc. All the upholstery, furniture and cushions you see in this post are actually Sarah’s work which she also sells. The victorian bay window front is perfect to enjoy a cupcake and latte and watch the world go by.


They regularly change and curate beautiful original artwork and prints. These botanical images are by the very talented Jasmine Leonard, and Sloupe hosted her latest PV –

Sloupe4As well as gifts and books they have as you may well imagine only the best in hair care products stocked. The one I like the look of the most is Davines. You just have to see it, all lined up in its minimalist packaging it looks amazing! And their company ethos of commitment towards sustainability and ethically sourced ingredients is right up Saddlebag Tradings street!

Sloupe5Right, so now you have a feeling for upstairs, let me take you downstairs where Daniela is cutting one of her clients hair. Not only will you find the perfect gift for yourself or a friend, give your living room a makeover with individual stylish cushions and furniture, and feel spoiled after cake and coffee, at Sloupe you will also come away looking like a million dollars!

Sloupe 6And, lastly, I will HAVE to copy this great little idea for a shelf! Thanks Sarah and Daniela for your belief in the Saddlebag Trading brand xx